sonhrad_04. 01, 26“ racebike, recycling/upcycling project - an upcycling frame-building project

This is about the "sohnrad" upcycling frame-building project. In several episodes, I will show the complete doing. It won't be a step-by-step tutorial. I am far away of having the knowledge and expertise of being able to be a "teacher" and hold speeches abaout how to build bicycle frames. I am only a hobbyist.

And here I show how I do it, trying to avoid all the mistakes I did the last times before and hoping not to do too much new of them this time... :)

So: I am on building a new kids bike. A 26“ racebike, mainly built from what I have in my garage.
The heart will be an old touring frame, steel tubing, tig-welded in far-east, wich I bought years ago for very small value at the IFMA cycles fair in cologne:

Unfortunately the tube angles are not usable for the needed setting. So I have to cut all main tube joints.

I only keep the bb-shell with the chainstays - wich saves a lot of work and eliminates a for me popular source of mistakes...

The headtube will be new (as well as the fork) because the existing one I find too short and I like to have a thicker one to fit more to the Columbus max fork blades...


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