sohnrad_04, 06, wheelset - an upcycling frame-building project

This episode of the "sohnrad" upcycling frame building-project is about the wheelset and the benefit of having the it built up ready to race with tyres and have it beside your workbench is very helpful. You can check clearances and think an built everything around the wheels...

Further I will talk a little about the right sizes of rims and tyres.

Not easy is to find the right rims an tyres.
26“ differs between 559 and 590mm diameter at the tires bed, the so called ETRTO size. Which is a wide range in question of toe/frontwheel clearance at a kid‘s bike!
26“ „Triathlon-size“ ETRTO 571 or 650B/17,5“ whould be easy to find slick race tyres - but would not fit for my son‘s bike. He would touch the front wheel with his toes.
So I went for 26“ „MTB-size“, ETRTO 559. With this you are really limited to find slim race tyres.
As I decided to go for clinchers I found Hutchinson Top Slick, as the only one in 25mm and easy to order here in Germany.
There had been 24“ and 26“ tubular tyres by the italian tyre factory Vittoria. But not in 25mm (only more slim) and I also think they are not produced anymore...
Anyhow - I went for the Hutchinson clinchers...
And I found Mavic XM117 as the only somewhat slim MTB rim with 32 spokeholes (and again easy to order in Germany) fitting to the vintage campagnolo chorus hubs I found in garage and overworked for the wheelset.
Schwalbe high pressure rim tape clomplets the set...


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