sohnrad_04. 08, headtube internal reinforcement - an upcycling frame-building project

Episode 08, of the "sohnrad_04" upcycling frame building-project is about the head tube and the fit of the headset-cups.

The fitting point of the headset-cups is one of the most stressed point of the whole bicycle-frame.

To keep the head tube somewhat light though, the fittings has to be reinforced. You can buy readymade fitting rings, wich are to be brazed on the outside top and down edge of the headtube.

But I do not like these very much.

As stated out at other posts: the difference ist about detail and the passion for it and the passion while doing it. My passion is always for simplicity and a straight, clean look.

I prefer to have a clean straight visual appearance.

Therefore I prefere to braze in some cuts of a thinner tube to reinforce the headtube at the fit of the headset cups...


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