sohnrad_04. 07, rear dropouts - an upcycling frame-building project

Episode 07, of the upcycling frame building-project "sohnrad" ist about building the backstay of the race bike-frame.

Here whe can see the benefit of having the ready to race wheelset beside to build the backstay around it...

As we kept the chainstays joint with the bottom-bracket-shell, we "only" have to cut the chainstays and fit the rear dropouts into.

This a very important point to work exactly. The dropouts fix the rear wheel in position. If the axis between them is not strictly rectangular in reference to the middle axis of the bike in driving direction, the bike won't drive exactly straight forward.
If the axis brought the dropouts (wich will later be the wheels axis) is not exactly parallel to the ground/rectangular to the vertical middle axis of the bike, the rear wheel will sit skew between the seatstays. Also the load of the driver will then sit a bit asymmetrical more on on side of the wheel.
At last, the wheel will sit asymmetrical between the brake pads.

I have to be honest: on nearly every bicycle-frame I built up to now, I did mistakes here. Then I gad to file of material at the dropout on one side, and add some solder on the other to correct my flub later...

This time, I want to do it better!

First clearance check - not really satisfying:

2nd check, before brazing the dropouts into the chainstays:

After brazing:


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