easy fit tyre fitting

This blog won’t turn into an advertisement or product placement channel.

I swear!

But sharing good experiences is one sense of blogging.

And today it went very lucky just by use a special product:

Schwalbe Easy Fit

It is kind of tyre grease without any grease. You just have to lubricate the edges of the tyre before mounting it on the rim.

While inflation, the tyre moves into the correct fit itself. Also the mounting and the last jump over the edge of the rim will be much easier.

Before the use of Easy Fit, I choked for an hour or so trying to get the tire into the right fit. But it always stuck to deep in the bed of the rim at a few points. This resulted surely also from the narrow racing tire at the somewhat wide MTB rim.

But with the Easy Fit lubricant everything turned good and very easy!

Schwalbe Easy Fit comes as a liquid filled in a small can, with built in sponge to lubricant the edges of tyre and rim. After use, the liquid volatilizes itself to 100%.


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